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- Odd things that I want to point and stare at. The best Wisconsin oddities and offbeat attractions, road trip and vacation recommendations from Roadside America&39;s writers and experts -- museums, statues, roadside stops, odd buildings, weird folk art. World’s Largest Soda Bottle Read More.

Here&39;s a handful of the most unusual attractions found in the Lone Star State. Lake Hillier is one of them. Bamahenge, one of several oddities at Elberta’s Barber Marina. A memorial monument to Abraham Lincoln isn&39;t strange. If the variable is a scalar, the attractor is a subset of the real number line.

The Die Rakotzbrück bridge is another strange places and comes under the weird places in the world. Australia is home to many beguiling natural attractions in the world. Many of these bizarre statues and strange museums are hidden inside the highway routes of landlocked states and underrated small towns. Other times it can be bizarre. We all know there’s good weird and bad weird, so we like to focus on the good.

Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in the USA. Published on at 12:05 AM. America is a strange place. Other weird and wacky attractions. But others are hidden. 20 Of America&39;s Weirdest Roadside Attractions.

Millions of people have been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cooperstown. The only restriction is that the state of system remain on the attractor. Amazingly Weird Wisconsin Roadside Attractions We&39;re Totally Visiting This Summer. But have you ever visited an inn shaped like a giant beagle? Other unique places and attractions throughout Florida worth a visit include: Weeki Wachee Springs State Park (Spring Hill) Monkey Jungle (Miami).

If you want a truly unique experience, however, consider visiting a more unusual place. But if you want to get a genuinely weird experience, look no further than the. We all know the famous saying, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas. World’s Largest Office Chair. On Alabama’s Gulf Coast, you’ll find not only plenty of beaches, but some unusual attractions, as well. People will delight in hearing about your adventure to North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway.

Discover 8189 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in the United States from City Hall Station to The Bell Witch Cave. From a strange store that sells bacon Band-Aids to a giant troll under a bridge, cowboy mummies hanging out near the Seattle Waterfront to a wall covered in gum, the Seattle-Tacoma area is full of weird and wacky things to see outside of the usual rut of run-of-the-mill attractions. Take a walk on Louisville&39;s weird side and you&39;ll &39;meet&39; venerable Kentuckians Abe Lincoln and Colonel Sanders, explore caverns and caves and hunt ghosts in.

Lake Hillier is a saline lake that is located in Western Australia. The fact that it&39;s in Wyoming — a state that has no connection to the 16th President — is. If you enjoy the offbeat, creepy and weird, or are just bored with the usual theme parks and tourist traps, you might want to consider including one of these rather bizarre attractions on your next travel itinerary. The Lorenz attractor, named for its discoverer Edward N. Sometimes life can be amazing. The Scythe Tree is located between Geneva and Waterloo. More Strange Attractions? Two points on the attractor that are near each other at one time will be arbitrarily far apart at later times.

And, Western Australia is famous for its extraordinary, unusual pink lakes that have got to be seen to be believed. Mysterious Petroglyphs & Inscriptions in New England Lecture. Because the United States is such a large country, there are thousands of things to see and do. We’ve broken the monotony of more than 4 million miles of plain road with some truly weird roadside attractions.

America&39;s strangest attractions include odd museums, mysterious phenomena, some eyesores, and surprising feats that’ll bewilder, amuse, and entertain visitors in every state. Strange Attractions. Watch the demo THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL: ROBERT CARSEN REINVENTS CANDIDE (Completion ) A feature-length cinéma vérité portrait of one of the world&39;s greatest stage directors at work, shot over the course of a year. What’s so different about this lake is – its striking pink.

Here are a few of our favorite weird attractions found throughout Florida. Emmet Brown/Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. Begin thinking of Instagram captions now, because visiting any of these attractions is going to give you crazy good content and a wild story to tell your friends. See our list of 12 strange tourist attractions. Published. From a collection of phallic specimens to an island filled with decomposing baby dolls, these spots are sure. Harding Presidential Home.

Home Page for Roadside America, travel tools and guide to unusual attractions, tourist traps, weird vacations, and road trips. The United States and Canada are filled with weird, Strange Attractions? wonderful, and wacky things. These 13 Weird Places In Florida Are As Strange As It Gets. Map out the perfect road trip using this huge list of the most absurd, zany, and downright fascinating American roadside attractions. By Rachel Center, Editor Ap. If you enjoy the offbeat, creepy and weird, or are just bored with the usual theme parks and tourist traps, you might want to consider including one of these rather bizarre attractions on your next travel itinerary. Yeah, Ohio has traditional roadside attractions like weird museums, giant robots, and the Goodyear gosh-darn blimp.

From a random pair of legs on the side of the road to a huge fire hydrant painted like a Dalmatian, we definitely have an eye for the strange and quirky. Texas is full of attractions, ranging from museums to natural attractions. 13 Unusual Roadside Attractions Across America You&39;ll want to schedule a stop at these unconventional sites, found everywhere from Texas to Hawaii. Weird, yet somewhat moving. Whether you’re traveling with kids or on your own, going with a group of good friends or traveling with a significant other, there are roadside attractions you’d enjoy. An attractor can be a point, a finite set of points, a curve, a manifold, or even a complicated set with a fractal structure known as a strange attractor (see strange attractor below). Top 10 weird attractions in Louisville.

Rate This: Total: 1 Average: 5 /5 Worlds Largest Peach Read More. Discover 177 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Ohio from American Sign Museum to Warren G. Lorenz, arose from a mathematical model of the atmosphere. Road-tripping across America is a feat every traveler should try.

Further west, there is no shortage of strange attractions—large, steel animals, fruit-shaped planted mazes, a very inviting clown-themed motel. Strange attractors are unique from other phase-space attractors in that one does not know exactly where on the attractor the system will be. Constructed in the 19th century is famed for its unique construction accuracy, with the bridge and its reflection merging into a complete and perfect stone circle, no matter where you see it from.

” I think Strange Attractions? it’s safe to say that everything is weirder, too. Rumor has it, the Strange Attractions? giant head once sat nearby at the highest point along the old Lincoln Highway, but was moved to rest along I-80 when it was completed in 1969, rendering it pretty much pointless. By Lacey Muszynski. The plot of Strange Attractions was a little kooky and involved a brilliant and hot physics genius, his best friend/lover/employee and Charity. Stange Attraction (Wild Mood Swings)by The Cure. The most famous strange attractor is undoubtedly the Lorenz attractor — a three dimensional object whose body plan resembles a butterfly or a mask.

From his first sketches in pencil until opening night, we witness Carsen&39;s creative processes as he adapts Leonard Bernstein&39;s CANDIDE, based on one of the greatest. Mavis Robinson, the administrator at the Bourne Historical Society, invited me to do a lecture on my Expedition Stories in Stone at their facility for Archeology Month on Oct 10th. Most people stick to the major, world-famous sites, such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, or Disneyland. After driving your 100th or 400th mile, you tend to go a little crazy.

I call these &39;strange attractions&39; - laws of nature that certain things and places just &39;call&39; to inanimate objects - for example, the classic one of toast with one side of butter, peanut butter, or jelly that, if dropped, will land on floor with that side down. In the days of the Civil War, many young men from this Finger Lakes region walked off the fields of their farms. The Sunshine State has a reputation for being a little weird. This modern take on old-school roadside attractions flags you down with its 66-foot tall LED sculpture, but makes you stay with the huge assortment of soda flavors at its "soda ranch.

See more ideas about Strange, Stare, Bones funny. More unusual/oddball Arizona attractions El Tiradito Wishing Shrine El Tiradito is a historic site near downtown Tucson which Strange Attractions? has the unique distinction of being the only only US shrine dedicated to the soul of a sinner buried in unconsecrated ground. However, while many of Texas&39; numerous attractions are unique, some are downright strange or odd. Alabama: Bamahenge.

THE WEIRDEST TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN EVERY STATE GALLERY. These 10 Tourist Attractions In Texas Are Too Bizarre For Words.

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